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Ely's Mills Gatlinburg Elopement

Looking for the perfect Gatlinburg Wedding location but don't want to drive far from Gatlinburg? Do you need seating or a covered building for your elopement? Want all of the mystery, wonder and beauty of the Smoky Mountain National Park, but don't want a long drive? Well, look no further than Ely's Mills for your PERFECT Gatlinburg Wedding, Micro Wedding, or Elopement! Below, we will go into detail on some of the greatest, and most important details you may need to plan your perfect Gatlinburg Wedding at this location!

Where is Ely's Mills Located Exactly?

Ely's Mills is a bit off the beaten path, while still being located conveniently in Gatlinburg itself. Below are some visuals to help you visualize the entrance to the road as well as the parking area for you and your guests.

Ely's Mill is located at: 393 Roaring Forks Road, Gatlinburg, Tennessee 37738.

bride smiling as her bridesmaids and friends surround her for a Smoky Mountain wedding


A fee of $200 is required By Ely's Mill to use their location for weddings. Because of this, we charge our couples exactly $200. Do not get caught using a company who will upcharge you crazy amounts for the same services.

Details to Consider

Ely's Mill is a great option for those who require or would like seating for their guests. They provide for you 20 rustic wooden chairs, however your guest count is not limited to 20. Feel free to hire Live Musicians, Photography, Videography, and more on your Ely's Mill Wedding! Another fascinating aspect of Ely's Mills is their bee keeping. Although their apiary means the area is quite literally buzzing with wildlife and plant growth, if you or one of your guests has a bee allergy, this is something to consider before booking at Ely's Mill.

wedding reception place settings in a reception hall at a Smoky Mountain wedding venues

Cabin Rentals for Overnight stay

Ely's Mill now offers two over-night cabins for those hoping to stay right on location. For those considering this option, we highly suggest planning far in advance, as Ely's Mill is a highly sought after wedding venue and has limited overnight accommodations. If there are no accommodations at Ely's Mill, there are many alternative locations within a 10 minute drive or less from the ceremony location.

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