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Places to Elope Gatlinburg TN

Updated: Jan 21

So you want to Elope to Gatlinburg? It's no secret that the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is abundant is breathtaking scenery that would be perfect for your elopement! This is one of the main reasons why The Great Smoky Mountains is the #1 visited National Park in the country! With so many options, how do you choose? Below, we've compiled a list of great locations that are legal to hold elopements within the national park, and we think you'll love them as much as we do...

Foothills Parkway Elopement

The Foothills Parkway is by far the most sought after destination to elope at in the Great Smoky Mountains. The Foothills consist of two non-contiguous mountains named Chilhowee Mountain. This location allows you to see miles and miles of rolling hills and peeks. Unlike Cades Cove, which allows you to experience the Smokys from the valley, The Foothills Parkway allow you to elope to Gatlinburg within the mountains themselves. You can see everything from this location, including why these mountains are in fact called the great "smoky" mountains. It is sure to not disappoint!

Cades Cove

Cades Cove is a ONE OF A KIND elopement destination to say the least. With jaw dropping landscapes, Cades Cove is SURE to take your breath away! Cades Cove is a wonderful spot full of history and breathtaking scenery! Truly one of a kind. If you are looking for countryside, with wild animals, horses, valleys, vintage wooden chapels, quiet and slow moving rocky streams, rolling hills, huge mountains and grandiose landscapes, Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is your place!

Ely's Mill

Ely's Mill is such a unique location to elope to Gatlinburg, TN. Full of greenery, wildlife, mossy rocks, huge trees, and small beautiful waterfalls and ponds. If you want to feel like you're getting married in something straight out of a Tolkien novel, if you love fantasy and magic, Ely's Mills is the place for you! It is also important to note that Ely's Mill is one of the only locations that provides seating, as well as a charming covered building with ambient lighting! (Note: We, Great Smoky Mountain Elopements also provide up to 6 white wedding chairs for locations within the national park, and more for our locations outside of the National Park.)


Looking for an amazing waterfront view? Greenbrier is SURE to impress! This location has rocks that look like rolling hills, and water that is absolutely stunning. So stunning and tempting that it's hard not to jump right in! ...In fact, some of our clients DO jump in for pictures! If you're looking for the best that the National Park has to offer with waterfront, Greenbrier is the location for you!

Ozone Falls

Ozone Falls is probably the most jaw dropping elopement location of them all. It is a bit of a drive from Gatlinburg, but not a single client has regretted their decision to elope here! Huge rocks that stretch the height of skyscrapers! Caves, hidden lagoons, turquoise water, trails, monstrous trees with huge mossy roots, and of course, the iconic waterfall! No mermaids yet though, sorry. This is the perfect location for those who are a bit more adventurous, want an easily accessible location for the ceremony, and can handle a bit of a hike for wedding portraits. You will NOT be sorry if you choose this MAGICAL location when you elope to Gatlinburg.

Located IN Gatlinburg, TN itself, hidden away is a small trail with BIG potential! Just a 5 minute walk into the hooded forest lays a small beautiful waterfall, a calm stream and large trees and tree roots!  Although not large like our Ozone Falls location, Cataract Falls has a charm all of its own. Not to mention, it's only a 12 minute drive to some stunning mountain views! If you're looking for a wooden waterfall location with rustic woods, this is a great location for you! 

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