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Elope To Gatlinburg - Frozen Head State Park

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Frozen Head State Park is a spot that is filled with opportunity for adventure, beautiful elopements and exhilarating mountain biking. Spanning over 24,000 acres of lush beauty, there is tons to explore and endless adventure for you and your partner. What I love about couples that choose to elope to Gatlinburg is the adventure that comes along with that. There is a love of nature, and being together outdoors, and Frozen Head State Park is a great place for that.

Tennessee elopement photographer captures waterfall at Frozen Head State Park when couple plans to elope to Gatlinburg

Elope to Frozen Head State Park

Frozen Head offers couples a one of a kind experience in Morgan County, Tennessee. From breathtaking waterfalls, quiet hiking trails and exciting mountain biking - Frozen Head is an adventurers dream spot. From the beautiful views and camping opportunities not only is this a great spot if you are choosing to elope to Gatlinburg, but a great honeymoon spot too! Opt for a honeymoon in nature exploring and just being together at Frozen Head.

While considering eloping in Frozen Head, I suggest reaching out to your photographer or wedding planner (me!) to help choose specific locations for your ceremony site. You'll want to be able to plan your wedding attire accordingly if there will be any sort of hike/walk to your spot!

Special Locations Along Frozen Head - Elope to Gatlinburg

Frozen Head State Park offers visitors an array of breathtaking sites throughout its park. From feeling on top of the world at the Frozen Head peak, or even Chimney Top Mountain. This park boasts some of the best views of unobstructed views of East Tennessee's three top features: the Cumberland Plateau, the Tennessee Valley, and across the valley, the Great Smoky Mountains.Or explore waterfalls throughout the park for a cool summer break at Emory Gap Falls or DeBord Falls.

Most of the trail heads are located by the park offices, and less popular trails at Armes Gap. Most of these trails are open for hiking with a select few to mountain biking! Head to the park offices for your choice of hikes throughout the park.

Tennessee elopement photographer captures couple sitting together after choosing to elope to Gatlinburg

Enjoy the park after you elope to Gatlinburg with a honeymoon camping at the park! There are rural campsites that are open for use making it the perfect spot for an adventurous and memorable honeymoon.

If you’re looking for some support in planning a breathtaking elopement at an affordable price, what are you waiting for? Reach out and book your date now!

Looking for more location options when you elope to Gatlinburg? Check out our full list of Smoky Mountain elopement locations!

Tennessee elopement photographer captures forested area in Frozen Head State Park

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