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Elope To Gatlinburg - Locations

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

If you’re newly engaged, congratulations! As a Gatlinburg elopement coordinator, and photographer, I know there are so many decisions to make when it comes to the whens, wheres, and hows of your dream elopement. Since you’ve found yourself here, then I assument you’re hoping to elope to Gatlinburg!

Today I’m sharing with you my not-so-secret master list of amazing elopement locations near and around Gatlinburg! Unlike other elopement companies in the area, we offer locations both in and outside the national park! Special untouched locations you WILL NOT find anywhere else. Follow along to start brainstorming the setting of the most important day of your life.

elope to gatlinburg with knoxville wedding photographers capturing bride standing slightly behind her groom and holding his hand as she rests her head on his shoulder while he looks out to the mountains in the distance

Cades Cove: LeQuire Cemetery Overlook, Wilderness & Chapels

An hour and 30 minutes southwest of Gatlinburg is the picturesque Cades Cove. If you love the countryside and the mountains, this is the location for you! Cades Cove hosts a variety of small chapels along the main road which provide ample seating. The LeQuire Cemetery Overlook is a grassy clearing that overlooks the mountains with rustic fences and a large single shading tree that sits directly in the middle of the field. It is perfect for elopement ceremonies! Close by are grassy fields, rolling hills, wooded areas with light that pours through the trees, beautiful streams and mossy rocks. So much variety with this Smoky Mountain location!

Check out our Cades Cove blog for more detail on this whimsical location!

knoxville wedding photographers helps couples elope to gatlinburg while capturing bridal portraits in the smoky mountains with bride in a satin wedding dress twirling in an open field for her fall wedding

Foothills Parkway

Foothills Parkway is well-known among Gatlinburg photographers for being highly picturesque. The skies are always a powerful blue, and the backdrops are rolling mountains that stretch for miles and miles. This winding path through the Smoky Mountains has a ton of variety; I personally have three special locations I love to photograph if you choose to elope to Gatlinburg, as well as several little tucked away places that I reserve for our clients only. Places that you won’t find anywhere else!

Check out our Foothills Parkway blog for more detail on this favorite location!

elope with gatlinburg with knoxville wedding photographers capturing wedding portraits with bride laying on grooms lap in a field on an outlook in the foothills for their smoky mountain wedding

smoky mountains wedding with bride and groom sitting on a large boulder together in the woods at sunset with the mountains in the distance while the groom caresses his bride and leans in to kiss her

Ely's Mill

Ely’s Mill is a preserved piece of Gatlinburg history. Expect Tennessee’s vibrant greenery, historic farmland, and a covered pavilion dressed in twinkle lights. Ely’s Mill is located right here in Gatlinburg, so there is no need to travel. The highlight of the Mill is the mossy path to the creek, with huge mossy tree roots and small waterfalls which are all popular photo spots! We guarantee you'll feel like you're in something straight out of a Tolkien novel!

Check out our Ely's Mill blog for more detail on this dreamy location!

smoky mountain wedding with bride and groom eloping at ely's mill and adventuring through a rocky river with a small waterfall in the woods captured by Knoxville wedding photographers

knoxville wedding photographer captures smokie mountains wedding with bride in a lace boho wedding gown walking through the woods with her groom who is holding her bouquet

Greenbrier Campground

Elope to Gatlinburg in Greenbrier Campground, a quick 13-minute drive from downtown. This cabin campground in the Smoky Mountains is surrounded by the cool water of Little Pigeon River. It has large rolling rocks that look like small hills and is perfect for those who love a waterfront location. This location really lends itself to those who love a more moody and cinematic style of photography! It feels intimate and secluded, but boasts full amenities, including sports courts and dog parks. Also, have children who love to swim? Feel free! This location is open to swimming! Sometimes we even get in with our clients who are a little more adventurous.

Check out our Greenbrier blog for more detail on this stunning location!

elope to gatlinburg with knoxville wedding photographer who captures bride and groom kneeling together on a rug in front of their officiant on a river bed in the woods for their winter wedding

bridal photos while elope to gatlinburg with groom carrying his bride through a rocky river bed in the fall for outdoor wedding pictures

Ozone Falls

Ozone Falls is two hours’ drive west of Gatlinburg on I-40. A majestic single waterfall pours into an aqua blue basin and flows down Fall Creek. The trail leads right to the base of the falls. Immersed in the sound of rushing water, you’ll be satisfied with your choice to elope to Gatlinburg. With hidden caves and caverns, lagoons and tropical looking forestry, it's SURE not to disappoint! This is also a good option for those who plan their elopement last minute or during the wedding seasons, as the National Park only has so much permit availability for weddings per day at each location.

Check out our Ozone Falls blog for more detail on this stunning location!

knoxville wedding photographers captures bride and groom walking together next to a cliff in the woods of the Smokies for their smoky mountain wedding pictures with bride in a tulle wedding dress and her down her back

elope to gatlinburg at a waterfall in the mountains with a small lake captured by gatlinburg photographers

Seven Islands State Birding Park

Seven Islands State Birding Park is the home of hundreds of species of birds within 416 acres of preserved grasslands and thickets, just an hour outside of Gatlinburg, and a 20-minute drive from downtown Knoxville, TN. Birds nest along the riverbanks of the French Broad River. But within the park you’ll also find beautiful wood bridges, aged barns, and fields of native flowers that would provide a charming backdrop for your elopement! Many people chose to stay in Knoxville oppose to Gatlinburg to avoid the hustle and bustle of the tourism while still experiencing East TN at its finest and being only a short drive from the Smoky Mountain National Park.

summer bridals for a smoky mountain wedding with bride in a lace dress walking through a lush field filled with bushes, shrubs and tree while the sun sets over her captured by smoky mountain wedding photographer

elope to gatlinburg for timeless elopement with knoxville wedding photographer capturing bride and groom laying in a wildflower field together

Frozen Head State Park

Frozen Head State Park is the definition of untamed mountain land. The peaks of Frozen Head are some of the tallest in Tennessee, so it provides powerful mountain vistas for your elopement. Hiking paths through these verdant hills lead past two hidden waterfalls. The park is a little over two hours away from Gatlinburg, but has an average of 38,000 visitors per year!

Check out our Frozen Head State Park blog for more detail on this stunning location!

Elope To Gatlinburg

I hope my recommendations list was a good springboard for your choice to elope to Gatlinburg! Wherever the location, your Gatlinburg elopement is sure to shine. If you need some advice on picking your location, or if you’re set and ready to use us to plan your Gatlinburg elopement, reach out. Let’s do something amazing together!

smoky mountains weddings view captured by gatlinburg photographer with tall green trees, cloudy skies and a beautiful valley

elope to gatlinburg to capture your love at this waterfall in the woods with a small lake and rocky shore

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