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Florist In Gatlinburg TN | Gatlinburg Weddings

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Wedding planning can be intense, as a Smokey Mountain elopement photographer - I understand! My goal is to provide my clients with as much support as possible, and that's where my top vendors come into play. Throughout this blog you'll find a variety top florists in the area! Let's dive into finding your perfect florist in Gatlinburg TN!

Melissa Timm Designs

A top florist in Gatlinburg TN, is Melissa Timm Designs. Melissa is supported by a fantastic staff of creatives who continually strive to create unique floral designs for every couple. Throughout their design you'll find Pinterest level quality with personalized touches to bring your vision to life. Melissa got her start at a wedding venue and hasn't looked back since! If you're looking for a florist that will exceed your expectations, reach out to Melissa Timm Designs!

Smokey Mountain elopement photographer. captures bride holding all white daisy bouquet at Gatlinburg elopement

Dogwood Floral - Top Florist in Gatlinburg TN

Next on our path to finding your perfect florist in Gatlinburg TN, Dogwood Floral. If you're a couple looking for an organic and garden-like bouquet, you've found the perfect florist for you! Katy, the owner of Dogwood Floral loves to let florals natural beauty be the star. You will find more 'natural' or 'messy' arrangements that pay homage to the way flowers naturally grow. It's the perfect way to bring color and life to your elopement with simple floral touches.

Lady Grey Flower Co.

Another leading florist in Gatlinburg, is Makenzee the lead florist designer at Lady Grey Flower Co. Taking inspiration from early 20th century design and weaving modern design elements is Makenzee's speciality. Lady Grey Flower Co. provides couples with one of a kind creations that celebrate life's most treasured moments. If you're planning a destination event, Makenzee is always up for adventure! Lady Grey Flower Co. is the perfect florist in Gatlinburg TN, for the couple looking to celebrate their love in style!

white wedding chairs with florals hanging at wedding reception site

Rainbow Roots Floral Co

Lastly on our list of top florists in Gatlinburg, Rainbow Roots Floral Co. Not only does Rainbow Roots Floral Co provide beautiful florals, but they are home grown on site! They grow farm fresh flowers, and provide couples with the opportunity to DIY their bouquets, or even create a one of a kind package unique to your wedding. Their list of offerings from realty gifts, to monthly subscriptions and weddings is incredible. If you're looking for a personalized and custom experience with breathtaking florals, check out Rainbow Roots Floral Co.

Nevertheless whether you're eloping to Gatlinburg, or planning a huge wedding celebration, I know it'll be incredible. Any of the florists listed above will be a great addition to your wedding vendor team!

If you’re looking for some support in planning a breathtaking elopement at an affordable price, what are you waiting for? Reach out and book your date now!

Close up detail shot of ring sitting in baby's breath during bridal detail shots

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Smokey Mountain elopement photographer captures bride holding bouquet before eloping to Gatlinburg

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