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Gatlinburg Micro Wedding vs. Elopement

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

In my work as a Gatlinburg elopement planner and photographer I have learned that every couple has a unique vision for there special day. Some of my brides and grooms want to explore the smokies and truly embrace the outdoors. While others want a traditional ceremony, but on a much smaller scale. Whether you want to have a Gatlinburg micro wedding or elopement, I am here to help you plan and capture it all! Let's dive into what the difference is between a micro wedding and an elopement. As well as what that will look like for your wedding in the Smoky Mountains!

Gatlinburg micro wedding with bride and groom sitting on a pasture look out in the Smoky Mountains with groom caressing the brides cheek and leaning his forehead against his brides for the gatlinburg elopement

Plans Change

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen and we need to have back up plans to our back up plans. Which is why micro weddings and elopements are becoming more common, and I’m here for it! Knowing the difference between an elopement and a micro wedding is key for understanding which will work better for your big day in the Smokies. Both a micro wedding and an elopement can be incredibly beautiful and elegant. While keeping the focus of your day on what is most important to you!

Gatlinburg Elopement

An elopement is an intimate and romantic way to focus on your relationship without any distractions. It is a beautiful way to create an even more sacred wedding day with just the two of you. Most couples opt for a destination elopement, and make a trip of it. And a lot of the time a honeymoon accompanies the trip! Which is why Gatlinburg is such a perfect spot to elope! With so many adventurous activities, spas, shops and incredible eateries. Your honeymoon that follows the ceremony is sure to be filled with excitement and lasting memories!

Elopements are some of my favorites to shoot because we’re able to bring adventure and fun. I make sure my elopement couples are getting all the dreamy adventure shots, as well as the details we all love. I love an elopement because stripped are all the silly traditions. More importantly, we remember why we’re really here and that the main focus is love.

smoky mountain elopement with bride and groom kissing on an outlook while the sun sets in the distance

Gatlinburg Micro Wedding

Micro weddings are a great option for the bride that loves all the traditional wedding events but wants it to be on a smaller scale. The main difference between these two types of weddings are the amount of guests involved in your day. If you want your family to be able to participate and experience your day alongside you, a micro wedding may be the perfect fit!

Some couples keep their ceremony incredibly small, just the necessary people and the couple. This can make for an even more intimate day while still having your favorite people present to celebrate with. While others cap off their wedding party at about 20-30 guests. Either way, you will love having your people there to support and share their love with you!

gatlinburg micro wedding with bride and groom with their family together under a tree in cades cove for a family photo at their gatlinburg elopement

Invest in Memories

Whether you’re choosing an adventure elopement in the Great Smoky Mountains, or a quick cabin wedding, invest in your memories. Find a Gatlinburg elopement photographer, and an elopement company that understands your vision and the feelings you want captured on your day. Someone who will get in the water with you, hike the trails and really do everything it takes to capture your love story. Whatever an elopement looks like for you and your fiancé, make sure you find a photographer (like me!) who is up for the challenge!

Ready to book your Gatlinburg elopement planner and photographer? Reach out and let's do this thing!

fall wedding in the Smoky Mountains with bride and groom holding hands and walking through the woods as the bride holds her wedding dress and looking to her groom as they both smile for their gatlinburg elopement


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