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Great Smoky Mountain Parking Pass

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

When you elope to Gatlinburg there are little things that need to be done in order for your day to run smoothly. And one of those things is getting a great smoky mountain parking pass. We love helping couples plan out their elopement, as much as we enjoy capturing your day through photo and video! And today we want to tell you everything you need to know to get into the Smoky Mountains and be able to park legally!

Entrance Passes

Best part about deciding to elope in the Smoky Mountains? Its free! No entrance pass is required to enter the National Park. Other National Park Service sites may require an entrance pass or fee, but lucky for us, the Smokies has free entrance. However, parking tags are required for all vehicles parking for longer than 15 minutes in the National Park.

smoky mountain elopement with bride and and groom on the outlooks in the foothills standing together wwith the bride behind the groom resting her head on his back as she holds hi hands and he looks out to the mountains behind them

Great Smoky Mountain Parking Pass/Tag

Although you will have to pay for a parking tag, the prices are incredibly affordable. There are three tag durations available for purchase.

  • Daily - $5

  • Weekly - $15

  • Annual - $40

You can purchase your parking tag online or onsite, which ever is easier for you. Keep in mind that parking tags are not replaceable, refundable, transferable or upgradable. The tag is valid for just one vehicle and must be displayed according the Smoky Mountains Parks and Rec rules.

smoky mountain elopementwith groom carrying his bride through a river in the woods while kissing her


Here are a few questions that I have heard before, as well as how the park has answered them officially.

Are picnic pavilion reservation holders exempt from the parking tag requirement?

No. Having a picnic pavilion reservation does not exempt you from the parking tag requirement.

Can I buy a daily or weekly tag in advance for a specific date?

Yes. You can specify the date(s) you plan to visit if you purchase your daily or weekly parking tag online through However, if you purchase your daily or weekly parking tag in-person, it will be validated on the date of purchase.

Are frontcountry campers and backcountry users exempt from the parking tag requirement?

No. Backcountry campers are not exempt from the parking tag requirement.

Frontcountry campers parked at their designated campsite are not required to have a parking tag. If they park elsewhere in the park, a parking tag is required. Please note that parking tags are required for vehicles in excess of what is allowable for each campsite. Information about how many vehicles are allowed at each facility is available on

Is there a discount for residents of local counties?

The annual tag option is specifically provided to meet the needs of local residents for year-round, repeated access.

elope to Gatlinburg with groom holding his brides waist and dipping her backwards as she caresses his cheek and they both smile for their smoky mountain elopement photos

For more details on Smoky Mountain parking tags, as well as exemptions, other FAQs, purchase options and more. Visit

And as always, reach out so we can start planning your elopement together!


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