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Smoky Mountain Elopement Bride Bag

Every bride, whether you are having a large celebration or an intimate elopement, needs to have a bride bag! This is a small bag filled with the essentials to get you through your wedding day. For every bride this will look different. Depending on your style, location, and season, you will need different items. But for a Smoky Mountain Elopement bride bag, we've got your covered!

Smoky Mountain Elopement Bride Bag essentials recommended by Smoky Mountain photographer who captures wedding in cades cove with man and woman embracing in a wildflower field

Hair & Makeup

Every bride knows that hair and makeup is crucial to how you feel throughout the day. Something about it just boosts self esteem, and makes you feel more than just a pretty girl in a pretty dress. With that we need some essentials just incase!

  • hair pins

  • hairspray

  • concealer

  • lipstick

  • any other makeup that is likely to smudge

  • tweezers

  • q-tips

  • blotting paper

bride and groom holdin ghands and running down a road in the SMokies during mid day for their Smoky Mountain Elopement photos

Stay Fresh!

Hiking around the Smokies in a bridal gown can be a lot! So we want to make sure you stay fresh and comfortable. This will be essential to your confidence as well as your overall experience. And a lot of these items your groom will want to have as well!

Smoky Mountain Elopement with bride and groom standing on an outlook on a mountain with bride standing behind the groom and holding his arm as he looks to her and she smiles

Smoky Mountain Elopement Bride Bag Specifics

Remember how I said every bride needs something different depending on their location? Well, here you have what you'll need specifically for a Smoky Mountain Elopement. This is to keep you safe and comfortable during your visit.

  • bug spray

  • sunscreen

  • bear spray

  • extra socks

  • hiking boots

  • water

  • mini fan

Smoky Mountain Elopement with groom helping his bride climb down a rocky path in the woods

A Smoky Mountain Elopement is a once in a life time experience. And we want you to embrace the Smokies and truly enjoy your time here! We know that by coming prepared with a loaded bride bag, you will feel comfortable and ready to take on the adventure!

Ready to book your Smoky Mountain Elopement? Let's chat!

summer wedding in the Smokies with bride and groom holding hands and leaning into each other with a large grassy field beyond them and a lush wooded mountain in the distance

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