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Elope To Gatlinburg - Foothills Parkway

Foothills Parkway is a classic route for travelers exploring the Great Smoky Mountains because of the incredible sunrises, rolling mountain hills, and dense green forest visible along the way! Today we’re sharing some secrets of the Parkway, not just for the postcards, but as a location for your very special elopement.

smoky mountain elopement at Foothills Parkway with bride and groom sitting on a rock on top of a mountain as they cuddle and look out to the valley filled with lush woods and rolling hills

Elope to Foothills Parkway

Foothills Parkway holds a wealth of locations, everything from creeks to mountain peaks and rock formation! Whether you want a powerful panorama or a forest-shrouded ceremony, Foothills Parkway has what you’re looking for.

photographers in gatlinburg tn captures bride and groom holding hands and standing on an outlook in the Foothills Parkway for their smoky mountain elopement

The Parkway is a wonder in every season. Stormy blues and grays frame the mountains in the spring, and bright crimson and yellow light up the path in the fall. Between the diverse natural features and the seasonal colors, the simple versatility of this location means there’s no better choice for your Gatlinburg elopement.

Special Locations Along Foothills Parkway

Foothills Parkway is supported with tons of overlook points as you make the scenic drive. Each is beautiful, but our favorites along the east side are Overlook #1 (MM 20-21), and Overlook #2 (MM 25-26). Both areas offer a panoramic vista of the Smoky Mountains that’s totally breathtaking–especially at sunrise and sunset!

Another exceptional elopement location is at Overlook #3 on Foothills Parkway West. Tall evergreens and lush grass make the perfect backdrop for a private ceremony here. But, truly, no matter where you stop, you’ll enjoy the rich environment of this national park.

Foothills Parkway Location

Elope to Foothills Parkway and you’ll find chances to explore along the way. Quiet campsites. Nature trails through wildflowers. Cabins and accommodations to suit you and your most important guests. Adventurous couples will jump at the chance to modify a quiet elopement to a rich memory-making experience.

It’s no wonder so many choose to start their life journey here on Foothills Parkway. And the road starts so close to home!

smoky mountain elopement pictures with bride laying in a grass field on an outlook in Foothills Parkway resting her head on her grooms lap as he looks down at her with the smokies in the distance as they elope to gatlinburg

It’s been our pleasure to serve many couples in the Gatlinburg area and throughout the Smoky Mountains as they take this important step forward—and Foothills Parkway is one of our favorite spots. If you’re looking for some support in planning a breathtaking elopement at an affordable price, what are you waiting for? Reach out and book your date now!

Looking for more location options when you elope to Gatlinburg? Check out our full list of Smoky Mountain elopement locations!

elope to gatlinburg with bride and groom standing on a stone wall together with the bride holding the grooms arm and resting her head on his shoulder as they look out to the smoky mountains

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