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Gatlinburg Wedding Officiant | Gatlinburg Weddings

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Throughout my time as a Smokey Mountain wedding photographer and elopement planner, I've been to countless Gatlinburg weddings, and have worked with some incredible vendors. More often than not, couples that are choosing to have an adventurous wedding or elopement are looking to their vendors for advice and direction while planning. Whether that be for florists, hair and makeup professionals, Lodging and Gatlinburg honeymoon cabins, or even their Gatlinburg wedding officiant. Lucky for you, I've got a handful of incredible Gatlinburg wedding officiants that I love and that Great Smoky Mountain Elopements works with personally!

Jim Easton is a one-of-a-kind officiant. His officiating is meaningful, truthful and incredibly endearing. He cares for his couples and the sanctity of marriage. With Jim on your side, you can expect an unparalleled passion for his couples, and custom ceremonies to fit your relationship and love story. He is grounded and makes all those around him feel safe and well cared for. If you're looking for a Gatlinburg officiant who has a paternal and warm demeanor, look no further. Additionally, his storytelling voice makes him an excellent choice for those hoping to add videography to their wedding package! When it comes to videography, he is a Great Smoky Mountain Elopement Go-to! His officiating will make you want to come back 10 years from now to renew your vows with him. Needless to say, Jim Easton is an incredible pick for your Gatlinburg wedding officiant.

While planning your Gatlinburg wedding if you're looking for an officiant that will bring life and passion into your ceremony, look no further than Reverend Tom Orange. He is an ordained Christian minister that is available to perform both religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies in Sevier County, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. He is passionate about the families he works for and is a genuinely caring man. He enjoys having a conversation with his couples and truly getting to know them. Officiating is more than just his job; it is his passion. He does it all year round and is incredibly reliable. Not only will he perform your wedding ceremony, but he’ll also do vow renewals, custom ceremonies, and even recommend all the best restaurants for your after-ceremony celebration! Reverand Tom is an excellent choice for all couples!

Perhaps you're looking for just the right officiant for your Gatlinburg wedding, Jody Secaur is a fully ordained non-denominational pastor of a Cowbody Church located in the area. As a wedding officiant in the Smoky Mountains, in all ways he truly fits his companies name, "Mountain Preacher". Jody truly cares about his couples and gives them experience that they will not forget! As a pastor, he understands the sanctity of marriage and takes it seriously. He performs not only Gatlinburg wedding ceremonies, but also vow renewals and commitment ceremonies. He is the only minister to give his couples a special keepsake after the wedding ceremony to commemorate the day! Want to find out more? You may just have to hire him to find out! He understands the gravity of marriage and takes his position as a Gatlinburg wedding officiant seriously.

"As an officiant, I get a chance to celebrate with two people as they unite one love.

In a world of more than eight billion people , the two of you have found and fallen for one another, you have decided to get married." Reverend Jayson Maples is a Gatlinburg wedding officiant that truly understands and values the promise that comes with a marriage. His couples are more than just clients, they truly become friends and he will be there to help along the way. He is always open to a phone call from a new or past client looking for guidance, and is sincere in his approach. He is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to elope to Gatlinburg.

Whether you choose to elope in the Smokey Mountains, or have a beautiful intimate Gatlinburg wedding ceremony surrounded by friends and family, it's sure to be wonderful if it's here! Hopefully finding a Gatlinburg wedding officiant will be a little easier with this list of incredible officiants.

If you’re looking for some support in planning a breathtaking elopement at an affordable price, what are you waiting for? Reach out and book your date now!

Looking for more location options when you elope to Gatlinburg? Check out our list of Smoky Mountain elopement locations! If you don't see what you're looking for, ask! We have more locations to offer.

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