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Smoky Mountain Elopement Sacred Moments

Updated: Jan 2

As Christians we are totally understanding of those wanting to have a reverent wedding day, no matter your faith or spirituality! However, sacred moments don't just appear. Well, sometimes they do! But today we are going to talk about how to create Smoky Mountain Elopement Sacred Moments. So that you are guaranteed a beautiful and special day.

smoky mountain elopement with bride and groom holding hands and running from a treeline in a black and white photo


Traditionally, wedding ceremonies are the peak of sacred moments on a wedding day. And although the nature of the ceremony is holy in and of itself. There are a few ways that we can amplify this moment and invite a higher spirit to the moment.


Your wedding officiant will play a large role of the atmosphere of your Smoky Mountain Elopement ceremony. Every officiant has a different vibe, values and demeanor. All of these things contribute to your experience. We recommend getting to know your officiant before reserving them. Have a good conversation, in person if possible, to get to know them and see if they are the type of person you want marrying you.

outdoor wedding ceremony in the foothills of the Smokies with bride and groom holding hands during their wedding ceremony with Smoky Mountain wedding officiant in the fall


The Smokies are filled with thousands of stunning locations, but only a hand full of those are permitted for weddings and elopements. And with so many options, that all offer unique features, it can be hard to decide. So, what should you do?

First, head over to our blog on the different locations you can be married. Then consider what is most important to you. What helps you feel the most quiet and reverent? What kind of place is sacred to you? That may be a babbling brook surrounding by the safety of the woods. Or perhaps, you feel the power of deity while looking out onto the miles of mountains from an outlook. Whatever it is, we can make it happen!


Another aspect of a wedding ceremony that invites the spirit of love and holiness are your vows. A sacred script to share with one another as you promise your life to one another. During your ceremony take your time reciting your vows. You may even consider practicing your vows beforehand to be sure you feel confident when the time comes!

Smoky Mountain Elopement Sacred Moments with bride and groom embracing in a grove of trees at cades cove for their wedding with Smoky Mountain wedding photographers

First Touch

In addition to your ceremony, you can plan other Smoky Mountain Elopement Sacred Moments. One of our favorites is a private first touch. Many couples opt for a first look before their wedding ceremony, which is absolutely beautiful. However, it may be worth it to save the surprise of a first look for a ceremony. And instead have a first touch.

Picture this. You are standing with your back against a large pine tree, with your hand outstretched ready to be held. Then it is taken by your soulmate, as they too are leaning their back against the other side of the tree. Holding hands in silence, sharing sacred thoughts, a prayer, or even just grounding each other with simple conversation. A first touch can add Smoky Mountain Elopement Sacred Moments to your day.


This one may seem obvious, but how often do couples plan to have a prayer together? Not very often. Instead of hoping a sacred prayer will happen together at some point in the day, make it happen with a plan! In your wedding timeline you can set aside 10-15 minutes to say a prayer together. You can combine this with a first touch, or maybe have it right after your ceremony as emotions are fresh.

autumn wedding with bride and groom in a field of tall grass and fog hovering over the trees as they embrace and kiss for their Smoky Mountain elopement

Smoky Mountain Elopement Sacred Moments

Planning sacred moments will add opportunities to bond, create beautiful memories, and of course connect with deity together. Ready to plan your Smoky Mountain Elopement? Reach out and we can start planning!

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